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Advance Care Planning: My Voice
Expressing your wishes and instructions
for future health care treatment. By
planning ahead, you will have a voice
in your future decisions. Every capable
adult should make an advance care plan.
Download the provincial Advance Care
Planning Guide in English, Punjabi or
Simplified Chinese. Watch video

Alcohol & Drug Information & Referral
Certified information and referral
specialists respond to enquiries on all
aspects of alcohol and drug use and
misuse. Multilingual service provided 24/7

Allergy / Asthma Information Assn.
Improve quality of life for those affected
by allery, asthma and anaphylaxis
4730 Redridge Road, Kelowna

ALS Society of British Columbia
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
To meet physical & emotional needs of
ALS patients and their caregivers
1.800.708.3228 Richmond

Alzheimer Society of BC
Exists to alleviate the personal and social
consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and
related dementias

Alzheimer Resource Centre
405-235 1st Avenue, Kamloops
250.377.8200 1.800.886.6946
1.800.936.6033 Dementia Helpline

Arthritis Society
Committed to excellence and leadership
in research, care, education and advocacy
for persons with arthritis
1.800.321.1433 M-F 9-5 Info/Donate

Interior Regional Office
250.868.8643 Kelowna

BC Brain Injury Association
Provide a voice to promote a better quality
of life for those with acquired brain injury:
educate, prevent, support
604.984.1212 North Vancouver

BC Cancer Agency
Cancer care program for people of BC
399 Royal Avenue, Kelowna
250.712.3900 1.888.563.7773
• Royal Inland Hospital Cancer Centre
In partnership with BC Cancer Agency
311 Columbia Street
• Screening Mammography
About 1 in 9 women will develop breast
cancer. Mammograms can find breast


BC Cancer Agency
Cancer care program for people of BC
399 Royal Avenue, Kelowna
250.712.3900 1.888.563.7773
• Royal Inland Hospital Cancer Centre
 In partnership with BC Cancer Agency
 311 Columbia Street
• Screening Mammography
 About 1 in 9 women will develop breast
 cancer. Mammograms can find breast
 cancer early-usually before it has spread
 Check web site for Clinic Locator
 102-300 Columbia Street
 1.800.663.9203 Book your screening

cancer early-usually before it has spread
Check web site for Clinic Locator and
Mobile Clinic locator for Thompson Nicola
• 102-300 Columbia Street
• Urban Native Health Clinic (Mobile visit)
119 Palm Street, Kamloops
• 1.800.663.9203 Book your screening

BC Epilepsy Society
Provides information and referral, support
services to people with epilepsy
604.875.6704 Vancouver
• Center for Epilepsy & Seizure
Education in British Columbia
Providing support, education,
information for those with epilepsy
112-32868 Ventura Ave., Abbotsford

BC Lung Association
Comprehensive information on lung
diseases. Check web site for area Better
Breathers’ Clubs. Sign-up for latest news.
Questions about your breathing? Call for
advice 1.866.717.2673

BC Lupus Society
Provide education, support to people
affected by lupus; create awareness;
support advances: treatment & research
1.866.585.8787 for more information

BC Schizophrenia Society
Community based association of people
who volunteer their time to help improve
those with serious mental illness & their
families. See Support Group info page 81
Kamloops Regional Coordinator
250.319.7667 Gail

BC Seniors’ Guide
Compilation of information & resources
to help us all plan for and live healthy
lifestyles as we age. Sections on benefits,
health, housing, transportation, finances,
safety & security. You can download/print,
read it online, or order a hard copy. To
order a free copy, contact the Seniors
Health Care Support Line Mon-Fri 8:30am-
4:30 pm. Chinese, English, French and
Punjabi 2016 edition now available

BrainTrust Canada
Community rehabilitation and support
for persons with brain injury, as well as a
strong focus on education & prevention
• 102-3301 24 Avenue, Vernon
250.542.3555 ext. 207
• 11-368 Industrial Avenue, Kelowna
250.762.3233 1.800.762.3233

Seeing Beyond Vision Loss since 1918
Practical support for everyday
travel, learning & leisure, how-to videos,
Braille, independence living skills
190-546 St. Paul Street 250.374.8080
1.800.563.2642 Helpline
See our article on page 24

Canadian Cancer Society
Information, resources, support for
cancer patients & their families
• Community Resource Centre
214-141 Victoria Street, Kamloops
• Interior Regional Office, Kelowna
• 1.888.939.3333 Information Services
• 1.866.786.3934 TTY Mon-Fri

Canadian Cancer Society
Southern Interior Rotary Lodge
A home away from home facility for cancer
patients while accessing treatment at
Kelowna Cancer Centre
2251 Abbott Street, Kelowna

Canadian Institute for Health Information
Better Data. Better Decisions. Healthier
Canadians. Monthly e-newsletter
250.220.4100 Victoria office

Canadian Liver Foundation
Dedicated to liver health and eliminating
the over 100 forms of liver disease
1.800.856.7266 Vancouver
1.800.563.5483 Here to Help

Canadian Mental Health Association
Promote mental health of all, support
the resilience and recovery of people
with mental illness through advocacy,
education, research, service
857 Seymour Street
250.374.0440 1.888.674.0440
1.800.555.8222 BC Division
310.6789 Support Line

Cardiac Health Foundation of Canada
Supports cardiac rehabilitation, advocacy
of prevention and education
416.730.8299 Toronto
• Vascular Improvement Program - clinic
focuses on ways to prevent heart
disease. Physician referral necessary.
Clinical Services Building
311 Columbia Street, Level 2
250.314.2727 Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30pm

Cerebral Palsy Association of BC
Mission to making a Life Without Limits for
people with disabilities
1.800.663.0004 Vancouver M-F 9am-5pm

Crohn’s & Colitis Canada
Committed to curing Crohn’s disease &
ulcerative colitis, improving the lives of
those affected by these chronic diseases
1.888.884.2232 Vancouver
• Kamloops Chapter on Facebook

Denturist Association of BC
Everything you want to know about
dentures, where to find a local denturist

Diabetes Canada
Promotes health through research,
education, services and advocacy
1589 Sutherland Avenue, Kelowna
See our Webinar information on page 28

Dietitian Services
Specializes in nutrition information,
counselling and advice based on most
current scientific sources by registered
dietitians, 9 am-5 pm Mon-Fri - leave
message after hours. Translation services
Dial 8-1-1 Dial 7-1-1 TTY

HealthLink BC
See web site for medically-approved
info on more than 5,000 health topics,
symptoms, medications, and tips for
maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Call to
speak to a nurse 24/7. Speak to a dietitian
about nutrition, healthy eating Mon-Fri
9am-5pm. Pharmacist available 5pm-9am
every day of the year. Translation services
available in more than 130 languages
Dial 8-1-1 Dial 7-1-1 TTY

Healthy Eating for Seniors Handbook
Includes recipes, menu plans, information
on good nutrition. Find online or order a
free copy by calling HealthLink BC
English, French, Chinese, Punjabi - search for above title
Dial 8-1-1 Dial 7-1-1 TTY

Health promotion plan to encourage
healthier choices. Online blog

Heart & Stroke Foundation
Promotes the health of Canadians via
research, education, service, advocacy
729 Victoria Street 250.372.3938
See our ad on page 24

Kamloops Mental Health & Substance Use
Short-term assessment & treatment,
residential & geriatric programs, crisis
intervention, counselling, group therapy,
peer & after hours mental health support
235 Lansdowne Street
250.377.6500 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm

Kidney Foundation of Canada BC
Volunteer organization committed to
reducing the burden of kidney disease.
1.800.567.8112 Burnaby
• South Okanagan/Interior Chapter
• Kidney Community Kitchen
Manage your renal diet - info, cookbook
(meal plans, recipes, FAQs

Lupus Society
Provide education, support to people
affected by lupus; create awareness 1.866.585.8787

Medic Alert Foundation
Emergency medical info services. One
of three Canadians have a condition
paramedics need to know about 1.800.668.1507

Medical Services Plan of BC
Together with PharmaCare, provides
medical & drug coverage to all eligible
British Columbians; online services... > click on ‘Health’
1.800.663.7100 Mon-Fri 8 am-4:30 pm
Automated service available 24/7

Multiple Sclerosis Society
Information, support, referral & advocacy
services to persons with MS and their
families. Call ahead for an appointment
Kamloops Office
1-275 Seymour Street
1.800.268.7582 ext 7262

Muscular Dystrophy Canada
Mission to enhance the lives of those
affected with neuromuscular disorders by
providing ongoing support and resources
while relentlessly searching for a cure
1.800.366.8166 Vancouver

Osteoporosis Canada
Works to educate, empower, support
individuals and communities in the
prevention & treatment of osteoporosis 
To locate closest Osteoporosis Canada
Chapter/Support Group, visit web or call
1.800.463.6842 Toronto M-F 9-5 ET


Pacific Blue Cross
Health benefits plans for individuals and
families, small/large business, travel plans
1.800.873.2583 Vancouver


Parkinson Society British Columbia
Address the personal and social
consequences of Parkinson’s Disease.
See page 82 for Support Group meeting
1.800.668.3330 Vancouver

Helps BC residents with the cost of eligible
prescription drugs, and certain medical
supplies and pharmacy services > click on ‘Health’

Prostate Cancer Canada Network
Help individuals, their families understand
and cope with prostate cancer, provide up
to date medical information and individual
support. Check web site for Ashcroft &
Kamloops PC Support Groups or call
250.376.4011 Larry Reynolds
1.855.722.4636 Information Service

Spinal Cord Injury BC
We help people with spinal cord injuries
adjust, adapt, and thrive
250.308.1997 Scott - Okan. Peer Coord.
1.800.689.2477 BC InfoLine Mon-Fri

Dental Services

Horizon Dental
Family-Focused Dental Clinic
1-760 Mayfair Street, Kamloops
See our ad on page 53


Natural Smiles Denture Clinics
A Proud Tradition of Denture Crafts
603 St. Paul Street, Kamloops
10-2025 Granite Avenue, Merritt
See our ad and article on pages 48, 49


Kamloops Community YMCA-YWCA
Stay fit. Feel supported. Belong.
Find out about our many 50+ fitness
programs and volunteer opportunities
• 400 Battle Street
• John Tod Centre, 150 Wood Street
See our ad and article on page 52


Health Guides

BC First Nations Health Handbook
An online companion document to the
BC Health Guide, provides information
on unique health services available to
First Nations and how to access. For
more information and to obtain your free
Dial 8-1-1 Dial 7-1-1 TTY

BC HealthGuide Handbook
No longer available in English. In the
meantime, you are encouraged to search
the Healthlink web site for medicallyapproved
information on more than 5,000
health topics. You can also speak to a
health services navigator who can connect
you with a registered nurse, registered
dietitian or pharmacist, or help you find a
health resource in your community
Dial 8-1-1 Dial 7-1-1 TTY

Medical & Mobility Equipment

Canadian Red Cross
Health Equipment Loan Programs: short
term mobility equipment and bath aids
to assist at home recovery from surgery,
illness and injury. By donation. Health
care professional referral req’d. Check
web site for area Help Centres
Okanagan Service Area office
124 Adams Road, Kelowna
250.491.8443 1.800.661.3308

Nightingale Medical Supplies
Medical Supplies & Services Delivered
with Compassion & Expertise
• 630 Victoria Street, Kamloops
250.377.8844 1.877.377.8845
• 111-3400 Coldstream Ave., Vernon
250.545.7033 1.800.545.8977
See our ad and article on page 58


Leading health care product supplier
9-111 Oriole Road, Kamloops
236.425.1235 1.844.259.8576
See our ad on page 56


Medical Alarm Systems
Philips Lifeline
Live confidently at home with help at the
push of a button, 24 hours a day 1.888.339.6588
See our ad on page 56


Glover’s Medicine Centre Pharmacy
Your Pharmacy...your neighbour
10-1380 Summit Drive, Kamloops
250.851.3131 See our ad on page 61

Kipp-Mallery IDA Pharmacy
Pharmacy & Home Health Care
273 Victoria Street, Kamloops
250.372.2531 1.800.482.0134
See our ad on this page

Manshadi Pharmacy
Trusted Advice, Wholesome Care
• 374 Tranquille Road 250.434.2526
• 477 St. Paul Street 250.372.2223
See our ad and article on pages 54, 55

Visit any of our Live Well Pharmacists
• 201-235 Murtle Cres., Clearwater
• 155 Main Street, Lillooet
• 1800 Garcia St., Merritt 250.378.9238
See our ad on page 7


Shoppers Drug Mart
Earn Rewards-Shoppers Optimum Card
• 1800 Tranquille Rd., Brock Centre
• 1210 Summit Drive, Columbia Place
• 700 Tranquille Rd., Northills Centre
• 2121 TC Hwy E., Valleyview Square
See our ad on page 5

X-Ray Clinics

Downtown X-Ray Clinic
Monday to Saturday 9 am - 5 pm
Lower level Lansdowne Village Mall
107-450 Lansdowne Street
See our ad on page 47


Health Facilities

Interior Health Authority

Adult Day Centre Services
Ponderosa Lodge
Provides a high quality, safe, supportive
and stimulating environment that promotes
independence & socialization. Includes
bathing programs, therapeutic recreation
programs and social activities
425 Columbia Street
250.374.5671 ext. 4412

Ashcroft Hospital, Community Health Centre
Emergency hours start 6 pm Friday until 8
am Monday. Closed stat holidays
700 Ash-Cache Creek Highway
250.453.2211 1.877.499.6599

Dr. Helmcken Memorial Hospital &
Health Centre
Acute Care Visiting hours 2 pm-8 pm daily
24/7 Emergency Services
640 Park Dr., Clearwater 250.674.2244

Kamloops Home & Community Care
Offers a variety of at-home and community
services for people with acute, chronic,
palliative, personal care, or rehabilitative
health care needs
37-450 Lansdowne Street Lower Level
250.851.7900 M-F 8:30-5 Closed 12-1pm
250.851.7940 Community Clinic

Kamloops Primary Care Clinic
Women’s Wellness Clinic, Home Support
36-450 Lansdowne Street

Kamloops Public Health Unit
519 Columbia Street

Lillooet Hospital & Health Centre
24/7 Emergency Services
Lab services Mon-Thu 8:30-3:30 Fri 8:30-3
951 Murray Street, Lillooet
• Home/Community Care/Adult Day Care
250.256.1326 Mon-Fri 8am-4pm
• Home Support - including frozen meal

Lillooet Medical Centre
107 8 Avenue Mon-Fri 9 am to 5:30 pm
250.256.7505 phones off 12:30-1:30

Nicola Valley Hospital & Health Centre
24/7 Emergency Services
3451 Voght Street, Merritt
250.378.3401 Mental Health
250.378.3400 Public Health
250.378.3409 Home Health
250.378.3238 Home Support

North Shuswap Health Centre Society
2-3874 Squilax Anglemont Road
Scotch Creek
250.955.0660 Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm
when doctor in clinic. Walk ins welcome.
Lab services Friday 9 am - 1 pm
250.851.6745 Foot Care Nurse


Overlander Residential Care
Access via IHA case manager
953 Southill Street, Kamloops

Q’wemtsin Health Society
130 Chilcotin Road, Kamloops

Royal Inland Hospital
Visiting hours 3 pm to 8 pm daily
Parking $1.50/hour, $6 per visit
Emergency parking $1.50/hour
311 Columbia Street

Scw’Exmx Heath Services Society
Service to the three rural bands of
Coldwater, Nooaitch and Shackan
103-2090 Coutlee Avenue, Merritt
• Stoyoma Dental Clinic
1999 Voght Street
250.378.5877 Mon-Fri 8am-4:30pm

Urban Aboriginal Primary Health Care
Urban Aboriginal Health Centre
119-125 Palm Street, Kamloops
250.376.1991 Mon-Wed-Fri


Walk In Clinics

• For wait time and information for clinics
on the Medimap system, go to

• Kamloops Urgent Care Clinic
Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 9 am-1 pm
4-910 Columbia Street West

• Kinetic Energy Healthcare &
Wellness Centre
Monday to Friday 8 am to mid-afternoon
Closed Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays
207-450 Lansdowne Street

• NorKam Health Care Centre
Mon-Fri 8:30 am-5 pm-doors open at 8
Saturday 10 am-4 pm
Closed Sundays, Holidays
370 Tranquille Road

• Summit Medical Clinic
Monday to Friday 9 am-6 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 9 am-2 pm
Doctor availability permitting
4-1380 Summit Drive at Notre Dame

• Sun Peaks Health Centre
Late Nov. to early April - Mon-Sun 4pm-
6pm, April-Nov - Mon & Thur 4pm-6pm
Volunteer staff & doctors
3100 Creekside Way, Sun Peaks

• NorKam Health Care Centre
Monday to Friday 8:30 am-5 pm
Saturday 10 am-4 pm
Closed Sunday and holidays
370 Tranquille Road

• Summitt Medical Clinic
Monday to Friday 9 am-6 pm
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays 9 am-2 pm
4-1380 Summitt Drive at Notre Dame

• Sun Peaks Health Centre
Late Nov. to early April - Mon-Sun 4pm-
6pm, April-Nov - Mon & Thur 4pm-6pm
Volunteer staff & doctors - call ahead
3100 Creekside Way, Sun Peaks


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